Yorkston Issues Apology

Last updated : 07 February 2005 By Kevin Smith
Dunfermline Chairman John Yorkston has today issued an apology for remarks made before yesterday's game. In a radio interview, Yorkston responded to concerns about Dunfermline's plastic pitch by claiming Bobo Balde has injured more people than the plastic surface.

It is now time for the SFA to take action against Yorkston. He is a guy who continually tries to get his name in the news and loves the sound of his own vioce. What he said was recorded live on BBC Radio Scotland and he should be brought up in front of the SFA to explain himself.

Yorkston claims his comments, which enraged Celtic boss Martin O'Neill, were meant as a joke. His full apology is shown below.

"It was just a tongue and cheek expression and if it's caused offence, or anybody has taken offence, then I apologise.

"I haven't seen Martin or Bobo, but I did speak to Eric Riley, a director at Celtic, and I explained the situation to him.

"There was certainly no offence meant for Bobo Balde. It was said as a joke. He is a wonderful player and I wish we had him in our side.

"I was responding to a comment that Martin had given about the fact that our plastic surface is dangerous and I was trying to make a light-hearted comment about it by referring to Balde. Unfortunately, some folk in the media have taken it the wrong way.

"He just happened to be the boy that was passing me at the time I was doing the interview."

"It's up to Celtic what they want to do, but I think it's a storm in a tea cup."

"I think certain factions of the media go through everything you say and try and pick out things and twist them around. I think that's what happened on this occasion and anybody who heard the full interview would be, under no illusions, that it was a joke."

Mr Yorkston: you are a joke.