What a Difference a Week Makes! Celtic Restore SPL Advantage.

Last updated : 27 January 2009 By Clydebuilt
What a difference seven days make. This time last week a storm cloud hung over timdom as some comedic defending and equally entertaining officiating saw our plucky heroes lead at the top of the SPL reduced to a mere two points.

This had our friends in the press salivating as the good ship Celtic appeared to be heading dangerously off course. Those pesky Tim scoundrels had managed to prevail through a terrible plague of injuries, infighting and a major falling out between a player and the manager, but now it would appear that their Irish bubbles were bursting. Who knows maybe after Walter's Blue and White Army win the League they might even go home?

Fast forward six days and we go to the venue of Celtic's abysmal performance last Sunday and we see the heroes of the press, Rangers, resplendent in their "we cant score for toffee" formation with their "we are the negative people" tactics and they fail, yet again to capitalise on the lifeline that we had handed them last week, or were we just handing them the rope with which they could hang themselves.

And then Celtic put on a performance befitting the Champions, with the previously mentioned injured players performing to their calmest and the creative misfit who was getting linked with mid Premiership mediocrity playing their part in a fine home performance and all the noise emanating from the chip wrappers about Rangers being top of the SPL by 14:30 suddenly disappears. Yes Hugh and Co. all the pressure would have been on Celtic had Rangers won at Pittodrie, but your heroes could only whimper whilst the Champions roared.

Yours in Celtic