Urine Victorious at Ibrox as the Ugly face of Racism Appears Yet Again

Last updated : 21 October 2009 By Clydebuilt
Before the slagging commences in full gusto I feel it is appropriate to separate the fact that the ugly face of racism was again apparent at Ibrox last night from the main body of the article as I am not too comfortable in posting any jokes regarding the abject capitulation of Rangers last night in the same breath as the shameful actions of the Rangers Support last night.

Maurice Edu has revealed via his twitter page that he was racially abused by fans as he got into his car after the match. Edu stated that he was "Not sure what hurt more: result last nite or being racially abused by couple of r own fans as I'm getting in my car.

Darth Edgar of the Rangers Supporters Farce had this to say: "We would absolutely condemn that if that's the case. These are not Rangers fans and they should be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

I wonder if this will be the end of Rangers Fans perpetual comments on the shameful actions of some Celtic supporters some 20+ years ago.

Moving on to the result last night, which has to be considered as Rangers own personal 'Artmedia' moment we have heard the following announcement from UEFA. Apparently given that 3 of Urinea's goals hit a balloon the result is going to be declared a 1-1 draw!

This must be one of the worst home results for any of the larger clubs here in Scotland, indeed it also must be one of the largest beatings ever witnessed by the British Army also such was the extent of the pounding that was dished out in the south side of Glasgow last night. Here was me thinking that Uncle Walter and the propagandists had invited the Armed Forces to Ibrox to escape the pain of slaughter?

Whilst it is not my normal style to take part in such Shadenfreude prior to Celtic playing a match in Europe I think I can safely say that regardless of the outcome of Celtic's match in Hamburg on Thursday I may be dining out on this result for some time to come.

What was witnessed at Ibrox last night runs deeper than a shameful defeat, the spineless acceptance of the result has many persons who were at the game reporting ugly scenes in and around Ibrox stadium as many fans resorted to battering doors and punching walls as a result of this game. Indeed I am sure that the PDSA will have a busy day today - maybe they should look to Unirea's manager Dan Pet-rescue for some assistance with their workload!

It would appear that the woodwork may be a busy and congested place yet again, given that amount of 'peepul' that had crawled out of it after the recent Derby match I am sure that we will not be seeing as many Rangers associated garments on display for the foreseeable future.

Yours in Celtic