Reaction From Liam Miller News

Last updated : 09 January 2004 By Kevin Smith
As you all probably know, Liam Miller has signed a pre-contract agreement with English Champions, Manchester United. This means, that Miller will leave Celtic on the 1st July, and move to Old Trafford.

Manchester United have today revealed that the story is fact, and with Miller's contract running out at the end of the season, Celtic will not receive a penny for the young Irishman.

The reaction of the news from Celtic supporters has, quite rightly, been one of anger. Reports today claim that Miller made the move behind the backs of Celtic, they suggest that he signed the agreement while supposedly on a short trip to Manchester.

The fact that Celtic brought Miller through the whole of his so-far injury plagued career, and made him a name, without getting a penny in return angers me. Liam Miller has went about this move in the wrong way.

For the last few months, Martin O'Neill has been speaking out about trying to tie down the midfielder on a long-term contract. Miller has also said of his desire to sign this deal. Celtic say that they made Miller an offer, which was "the biggest salary deal ever" to be given to a young Celtic player. Manchester United are the richest club in the world, and there is no way Celtic can compete with them on the wages front.

Next season, he will get a far higher salary and the chance to play in the Premiership, so many will say he's making the right move. Man Utd have always been his boyhood heroes, alongside Celtic.

Miller will find it tough trying to get a first-team slot in the Man Utd side. He has several players to compete with for his midfield role: Roy Keane, Nicky Butt, Klebberson and Paul Scholes, to name a few.

Good luck to Liam Miller for the future, but shame on him for the way he has conducted himself at a club who treated him so well.