O'Neill's Summer War Chest

Last updated : 06 February 2005 By JackieMac

Now this summer I think every tim knows that we could do with a massive shake up in the team, we need younger players to take us into a new direction. The football at Parkhead is becoming stale and we need new blood injected into the side, to give not only the supporters but the players a boost.

Now you may wonder where we can get money from, well it is no secret that Nike and Celtic have entered into partnership for a substantial sum of money. The rumours that are coming out of Celtic are that Martin has asked the board to have his next few years budget all to spend this summer. Could this be what he done when he first signed and spent £30m roughly in his first season and since then has only made 1 multi-million pound signing in Hartson. Is this how Martin likes to run a club, build a team for 4/5 years then spend again to build a new one?

I think Desmond and the board (not that they count while DD runs the show) are firmly behind MON, I believe its time they showed this loyalty and backed him with cold hard cash. And with the Nike cash coming in there is no better opportunity. This money on top of Celtics annual turnover of around £70m should make us a real player, once we shift the Syllas and Hedmans out of the door. And the heartening news that both came very close to leaving in January should hopefully mean O’Neill is in the process of shifting the deadwood out in order to rebuild.

I don’t see them giving O’Neill all the Nike cash but I think they will back him to the tune of £15m which on top of our current squad should take us places. We want to be back to the Celtic of a few years ago, Seville the treble etc. We need top quality players to take us there, Bellamy for instance is one who can do such a thing. He is exciting, a real replacement for Henrik if we can sign him after his initial loan. That is if the beast is still at Newcastle and forces him out the door.

We need, ah Martin knows who he needs I don’t need to tell him. But to achieve this he needs the cash, and who better to trust than Martin. You cannot name 1 large priced signing that has failed under his stewardship. So DD give us all what we want, hand Martin the chequebook.