Nave Willo Flood Says He Would Entertain Celtic Bid

Last updated : 29 January 2009 By Clydebuilt
Dundee United player Willo Flood has today displayed an element of naivety in relation to the transfer dealings of a large club. The Cardiff Player who is currently on loan to Dundee United missed a penalty in sudden death that ultimately saw Celtic through to the final.

Rather than shoulder the blame himself however, Flood has issued an astonishing blast at Celtic insisting that Celtic should have released a statement of their intentions regarding the Irish midfielder.

I think it's a bit stupid the way it has gone on," said Flood confirming that he does not have a clue

"If it was going to be done, it should have been done. If it's not, then they should make a statement saying it's not going to be done.

What this does confirm however is either there has been no direct contact between Celtic and Flood's representative and the whole story is paper talk or that the player is displaying an acute naivety as to how a large club like Celtic conducts its transfer business.

"I think it's a bit disrespectful to Dundee United when they have done so well for me, that there are things in the papers saying 'Celtic want Flood'.

The irony of this comment is that for you to make an issue of this the day after the game is more disrespectful to Dundee Utd than anything Celtic have or have not done, especially when you state that you would listen to any offers should they come in!!!

"I think a statement should come out on their behalf. I have a missus and a kid and we don't know whether we are coming or going. I speak to my agent every day and we don't know what's happening."

"If the offer came, I would have to have a good think about it and sit down with my missus and see what we think is in the best interests of our family," he said

So there you have it. The phrase "should an offer come in" confirms that there has been no contact whatsoever so that begs the question why should Celtic release a statement to deny paper talk? If Celtic were to comment on every piece of rubbish that 'the gentlemen of the press' (sic) create on a daily basis then they would have to break the wage structure to pay the Press Relations Staff!!

This does pose the following question however: What does this impatience and naivety say about Floods Celtic potential? Does he have the mettle to play at a Club like Celtic?

Yours in Celtic