Messageboard Problems

Last updated : 01 February 2005 By Kevin Smith
Many of you, including myself, have been having some difficulty trying to access Footymad's messageboards. Below is a message from Footymad, relating to the problem:

"It appears that the messageboards are being overloaded by a single caching server within NTL which is accounting for 95% of all traffic hitting the servers.
"This is causing slow operations/error messages for users. As an emergency measure, it has been decided to block its IP address.

"This may well mean that visitors who use NTL as their ISP could be blocked from the messageboards. Everyone else should see an improvement.

"The alternative is to leave all users being impacted."

I have been told that there is no way of knowing when this problem will be fixed, as Footymad have to take it up with NTL.

Keep checking the site for more updates, hopefully the problem will be sorted soon.