Footymad Notice: Comeonthehoops Messageboard

Last updated : 28 November 2005 By Footymad
This was due to a number of breaches in the terms and conditions of use of the board. These terms can be viewed by all site users in Legal Stuff, accessible from the left-hand navigation (or click here). has been reviewing the role of a number of individual club site message boards since early 2005. It is now considering how these boards could work more appropriately for the club sites, users and the company itself. appreciates that the removal of these message boards may have eroded the user experience for some visitors, however, with the sheer volume of messages being posted on a daily basis, those abusing the terms and conditions of use became a sizeable actual number.

It is unlikely that anything will be concluded before the end of 2005.

Bearing in mind that the board will not move from vbulletin style, if you have any views on how the board could work better, then please email them to us by clicking here.