Big News in Scotland as Rangers Financial Plight Highlights Issues for all to see.

Last updated : 27 October 2009 By Clydebuilt
As the news hits the streets that Rangers are in severe financial troubles it is hard at this stage to separate the news from the facts. As it is revealed that Rangers bank have decided that enough is enough and have effectively forced Rangers to accept a 'Financial Doctor' onto its Board of Directors and they must act to service their debt with urgency.

What we have thereafter dear reader is pure supposition. I have read many a comment regarding what this means, from Rangers being forced to sell players, to the young squad being used to fill the first team and also a comment that the bank forced David Murray to leave the club, a comment that has this morning been retracted by the Glasgow Herald.

Rangers did have their hands forced as regards the inclusion of this financial wizard however, this notion was initially rejected by the Board but after the bank played hardball and stated that they would have no other option than to call in the administrators this was reluctantly accepted.

So where does this leave the Scottish Institution that is Rangers? Well basically the only way the Board of Directors at Rangers is going to retain autonomy for its operations is to get the bank off their backs, and it would appear that the only way would be possible is for a new owner to be found. Until such times they will have to start freeing up as much money as possible in order to remain afloat, and this would obviously mean that no money would be available for new players and that assets would have to be sold.

However who would want to purchase the mess that is Rangers? It would appear that a consortium would be the optimum solution, with Joe Lewis and Dave King being pointed to by most of the press as the two main players in Rangers destiny. What would this consortium call itself, Joe King with Rangers perchance?

So what does this mean for Celtic? Well it would appear in the short term that any weakening of Rangers is of an obvious benefit to Celtic as we go head to head in a two horse race. If Rangers fail to find a buyer by the time the January window opens then it would appear that the Club will be forced to sell some of its bigger players, without the opportunity to replace them with similar talent.

However what impact would this have long term? Well like it or loathe it whilst we are a marketable force in our own right one of the only reasons that the SPL is marketable as a TV entity is the fact that Rangers and Celtic exist. Would the SPL be attractive to any potential investment if it were to become a one-horse race?

One thing that this situation does display is the massive gulf between the SPL and the EPL. You have clubs in England who are currently trading with debts TEN TIMES that of Rangers who are still allowed to trade, and whilst the poor trading situation with Rangers' parent company Murray International Holdings is the main reason why this has come to fruition it would be remiss of Celtic to ignore the warnings that this situation heralds.

I for one am glad that we are in the financial position that we are in, however the situation with Rangers should teach us one lesson. That you cannot afford to standstill and the more revenue streams we can find the better.

On a final note, after all the bluster of the Murray era now dies away one wonders what must be going through Minty's head? Popular belief states that the ego maniac of a man will spin the whole affair to keep himself on a pedestal, however was it worth it David? All the money that you spent and ultimately wasted achieved one thing - you managed to match your closest rival's record of nine trophies in a row. Ironically the European success you so craved was nearly realised without the need for millions and millions being spent on trying to equal your rivals.

The most successful Club in world football? You decide if you managed that David.

Yours in Celtic