Particulars of Assault on Lennon Made Clear as Court Case Commences

Last updated : 14 January 2009 By Clydebuilt
The ugly tail of the assault on Celtic coach and former player Neil Lennon was made public today as the trial of the two men accused of his assault commenced in Glasgow today.

The court heard from two witnesses who can both place the two middle aged 'men' accused of the assault, David Whitelaw and Jeffrey Carrigan, aged 47 and 43 respectively told the court about the sorry incident:

Liam Cameron, 24, a bar worker, said the men apparently mocked the coach about his side's defeat that day to Old Firm rivals Rangers and insulted his ginger hair colour.

He told the court he believed the men addressed Mr Lennon, who was not in court today, first and that something was said about the football score.

"Neil Lennon's reaction was the finger."

The men also called Mr Lennon a "ginger c***", Mr Cameron added.

"Mr Lennon then said 'What did you call me?'," according to the bar worker.

After raising his middle finger at the pair, Mr Lennon followed them round a corner during the incident in a bar area.

Mr Cameron, who was on a cigarette break, heard raised voices and went to see what was happening. He found the two men squaring up to Lenny.

Mr Cameron said: "As I walked round, I seen an argument between number one and Mr Lennon, and number two punched Mr Lennon on the side of the head.

"Neil Lennon went down backwards, his shoe came off. He hit his head on the cobbles when he went down."

This left him "completely, completely unconscious", the bar worker said.

He added: "He was kicked in the head a few times, I am not sure exactly how many times, more than three."

The bar worker stated that he got involved and stopped the men from continuing to kick Lennon whilst he was lying prone on the ground.

The case continues.

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