Mowbray Regains Composure and Looks Forward as Fox Seeks Return.

Last updated : 24 October 2009 By Clydebuilt
In what has proven to be the hardest week of his fledgling career as Celtic Manager Tony Mowbray has backed away from his comments regarding wholesale clear outs of the squad to give a more measured outlook of the near future at Celtic.

I love the fact that Tony Mowbray is as earnest as he is honest, however could it be suggested that it is a little naïve to criticise and promise the Earth one day and give a more poised appraisal the next?

I think the answer to that question lies with an individuals personal opinion. I actually find the passion that Mowbray exudes quite refreshing, however how does this reactionary attitude affect the player's motivation?

I guess we will see over the coming weeks.

"I don't think it's a crime to say that we are trying to improve," he said. "It's right for me to want to improve the team and improve the players so that three years down the line, when we go to Old Trafford, they are worried, they are concerned."

Mowbray then started to back away from his earlier comments regarding the amount of action that will happen come 2010.

"We can sit here and wait with bated breath for January but January can come and go and nothing can happen," the former West Brom boss said. "It depends on the availability of footballers. Players might not be available or affordable.

"The board have been very supportive; we have a very good working relationship. They are looking for value and if the right player comes along then I think we will be in the market, whether it's a free transfer or whether that player costs a few millions pounds. All I'm trying to get across is that there is a desire to improve our playing squad. It can happen out on the training ground or it can happen from bringing new players in."

Some may point to that last paragraph and say that the manager has had his wings clipped by the Board for promising wholesale changes, whoever I feel that the Manager is possibly attuned to the over the top conspiracy theories that are generally directed to the suits.

"If you were at Ibrox two or three weeks ago, I don't think we came away from the game thinking we have a long way to go, I think we came away thinking we were hard done by. We could have won and maybe deserved to win.

"Are we short on quality regarding the rest of the SPL? I don't think so. We have more quality than them."

That's the spirit Tony! The fight back starts here!

One player whose absence has contributed to such a poor week is Danny fox. The talented English Left back has been a revelation since joining the club in the summer. However a niggling injury has seen him miss some important matches this season.

Fox's opinion of the manager's denigration of his players, especially the defenders are intended to improve the performances.

"The gaffer's criticism was maybe to get a reaction from us. We have to go out all guns blazing on Sunday and maybe play the way we did against Aberdeen away at the start of the season and get people talking about how good a team we are again."

"There is a winning mentality at the club," he added. "I see the fans getting frustrated during games and after and that's their opinion but we have to block that out.

"You can't afford to let your head go down.

"I thought we played well against Hamburg. If you look at the chances we created, we should have got at least a point from the game but it wasn't to be.

"Now we have to go into the game on Sunday confident and get back to winning ways.

"Friday was my first day back with the rest of the boys and I feel fine," Fox added. "I managed to do a bit of training on Thursday, but that was my first proper session and I feel good to be honest. It was a hamstring injury to start with. I had a scan a few weeks ago and it found two small tears.

"It was frustrating to be out, but hopefully that's me back now."

Hopefully Danny, Lee Naylor has played ok when he has come in, however he is not a patch on the Fox in the Box!

Yours in Celtic