Lennon Speaks Out as Attackers Are Each Jailed for Two Years.

Last updated : 22 January 2009 By Clydebuilt
Neil Lennon has revealed that he considcered leaving Glasgow and his beloved Celtic are he was assaulted by two cowards in last year.

Lennon, 37, has revealed that he was sickened by the magnitude of the attack on him.

"I definitely considered leaving once I realised what had happened, the gravity of the attack.

"At first I thought I'd just been punched and that was it. Then when I realised what actually had happened, I thought this is just not worth it. What made me change my mind? Going back into work. Then being reassured by the police that they would get the culprits."

"A lot of stuff that's written about me is exaggerated but that was an unsavoury incident and I'm glad it has been dealt with.

"I would like to thank the jury, sheriff and police for seeing that justice was done. Scott Douglas, of the CID, who was in charge of the case was really good. I can't speak highly enough of him.

"I would like to think I could walk down the street, especially in the West End when it's not as boisterous as the city centre.

"I have lived there for eight or nine years now and I'm part of the furniture, I suppose. For that to happen was disappointing more than anything else.

"I thought my troubles were over once I became a coach - that I would be out of the firing line. But even if you're still quite high profile, I didn't think I'd be subjected to something like that.

"If I had decided to leave, I think the club would have backed me. They were very sympathetic.

"It wasn't a case of 'I'm off and that's it'. But it did cross my mind.

"I spoke to my family about it but I love what I'm doing. I had only been in the job six months and didn't want to give it up.

"I just want to fast-forward now and put it behind me. I hope to God nothing like that happens again."

Neil's tone changed however when it was mentioned that maybe such a high profile employee of Celtic should not be seen out and about in Glasgow.

He said: "Look, it's not as if I'm out every weekend in nightclubs. I have a couple of quiet pints down the Lane. I now don't go into the city centre at all anyway. So I do pick and choose where I go."

He said: "I wanted to prove a point - that this can't go on, this can't happen. If it does happen then people are going to go to prison. It's got nothing to do with football. It's got nothing to do with Rangers.

Asked if he thought the twoyear jail sentences were fair, Lennon said: "Yes, I did."

Neil also stated that he has no memory of the incident and that he has relied on the accounts of witnesses as clarification of the events of that night.

Lennon said:"I only found out how bad it was on the Monday night when the police came to the house to give back my clothes. They said they had witnesses to what had happened.

"I can't remember any of it. That's the scary thing.

"I vaguely remember someone dabbing my face down. The next thing was I woke up in hospital. Then I got up the next day and went to work, which I shouldn't have done.

"I'll probably not walk home alone again."

You are correct Neil, *You'll never walk alone*

Yours in Celtic