JVOH: I love this club and I never want to leave

Last updated : 11 April 2009 By Mikbhoy

"Oh, I am often in a happy place," said big Jan yesterday. "Obviously, I would be lying if I said I felt great about not scoring but I have worked hard in training. Sometimes it gets to you a little but, hopefully, I have momentum again. Sometimes you can score from two yards or by using a body-part that is normally used for something else."

"I have faith in myself and right now I have a good feeling again." he said "There have been times when you worry because you are struggling but what happens then is that you try too hard or you want it too much. The goals were a long time coming but there was no point getting into a depression about it."

"I had two weeks off after missing out on the Dutch squad and that time was spent working my 'things' off." he added. "It is all you can do in that situation and maybe it helped me to get back some sharpness. It could have been much worse - at least I was still getting picked by Celtic. People from the outside look at a striker who is not scoring goals and make their opinions, I understand how it works. Criticism is part of the job at Celtic. If you don't score people form opinions on you but you have to keep going along and ignore what is happening around you.

"People at the club have been supportive of me and that's all that matters." said the Dutch international. "When you play for a big club you always have to remember how quickly things can turn around for you. As long as you see through it and look at the bigger picture you realise you are playing for a great club and try to do a great job for them. It can be hard but you cling on to the belief that you will come again."

"I was out for three months, the longest I have been injured in my career," continued big Jan. "It nibbles away at your mind when you are out for such a time. I know people will look at the number of goals this season but they forget maybe how many I have scored over my three years here."

"I would love to be at Celtic next year," said the Celtic number 10. "I keep reading about me having 'fears' over my Celtic future. I know I said I try not to read too much but there is no escaping it in the dressing-room - the newspapers are everywhere. But the situation has not changed: my priority is to stay here next season. It is a decision for the club - it will be up to Celtic whether they want me or not.

"I love this club." he said. "They are competing for the title every year, have been involved in the Champions League every year, and have a great set of fans. I am still young and I don't see why I can't finish my career here."