How the Mighty Have Fallen! Judas Miller to Sign for Dundalk on Loan

Last updated : 03 April 2009 By Clydebuilt
Ozzy Osbourne, in the days when he was still a credible musician and not his wifes media puppet, uttered a rare wise word when he said "you meet a lot of people when you are on your way up in the world, don't f@$k with them 'cause you will meet them on the way back down"

Whilst this is not entirely fitting for the story of Liam Miller, it would have been remiss of young Liam to ignore this advice. However ignore it he did, and after a 'chance' conversation between the young midfielder and Alex Ferguson when Celtic met United in the USA a few years ago the seeds were sown for the talented player to leave Celtic and join Manchester United through freedom of contract.

This enraged many Celtic fans who felt that they, and the Club deserved more than a season out of a player who the Club had nursed back to health after long injury lay-offs threatened his career. We were treated to some fine performances from young Liam, notably the opening goal against Anderlecht in a two nil win at Celtic Park and a glorious overhead kick against Arsenal in a preseason friendly at Parkhead.

Remarkably the source for this story appears to be from Queens Park Rangers, his current club, as opposed to the norm of the 'buying' club announcing the news.

Dundalk FC has not been available for any comment, but a QPR press officer, Ms Aprile Fulday said: "Liam could be on his way home to Ireland. A representative of QPR got in touch with Dundalk FC and the deal is likely to be ironed out by the end of the week.
"Mr Briatore[Flavio, owner of QPR and F1 magnet] has big plans at the moment and Liam could still play a part of them next season, but not at the moment."

So there we have it then. Whilst I am not entirely comfortable celebrating the demise of any players career, I will make an exception in this case. Nae luck Liam.

Yours in Celtic