Boruc: I want to be a Celtic legend...and score goals too

Last updated : 07 January 2009 By Mikbhoy
It's no surprise that the signing of goalkeeper Lukasz Zaluska from Dundee United has intensified the rumours of Artur Boruc's imminent departure but the big man himself insists he's still perfectly happy in Glasgow and loving life at Celtic. Indeed Boruc says he is delighted at the prospect of having his countryman and old friend from Legia by his side once more. "It will be good to see Lukasz at Celtic and to spend time with him again." he said "He's a good guy and a good keeper. I played with him for two years at legia Warsaw. We were actually room-mates and it was a good time. It's always good to have another Legia man at Celtic, and it will be good to be able to speak Polish from time to time. I talk Scottish that much these days I'm finding myself forgetting how to speak my own language."

Artur has had many glory days and nights since he arrived at Celtic Park and his trophy haul includes champions gongs for the last three seasons, but he's still hungry for more and he want's to start with a treble this year "It's been an incredible few years in my career but I don't want the success to stop." he told the Celtic View "I want to achieve more this season. That's why you play football for a club like Celtic, to try to win as many trophies as you possibly can. So far, my time here has been good in that respect. A Treble would be beautiful. That would be great for the team. But I think that has to be the aim for Celtic at the start of EVERY season."

Boruc has always appreciated the support shown to him by the fans but that support has been especially welcome during his dark days on and off the field recently "In the last three-and-a-half years, I have been impressed with Celtic and the supporters. I realise how much they love the club and how many supporters there are all over the world. I've made some mistakes. But I just try to forget about them a few days later. Everyone makes mistakes. I have made a couple this season and I can move on from them now. It was just too much and you need to get over it."

His display in the recent Glasgow derby has also helped him move on. The Holy Goalie didn't have that much to do at Ibrox just after Christmas but he still played a pivotal role in deciding the outcome of the game. His save from Boyd when the rotund Rangers striker was through on goal went some way to exorcising the demons of the 4-2 home defeat from the huns back in August.

Despite failing to capitalise against Dundee United at the weekend Boruc still thinks the Celts are looking good "We're in a good position at the moment, but we're not getting carried away." said the keeper "We still have a lot of games to play and, in my opinion, the derby matches are not going to be the most important. It's the games against all the other teams that will make us champions. We have to beat them and stay consistent. These teams are desperate to beat us. It's looking good just now, but we want to keep it going."

Boruc wants Celtic historians of the future to remember him and to remember him fondly. He's already achieved cult hero status, some may say legendary status, among the fans but he wants to be remembered for the success he's brought to the club "You play to have success. You play to win medals and hope you can be remembered by the supporters in years to come. I try to do my best all the time for Celtic and, if I can be remembered in the future as one of the most successful keepers in the history of the club, that would be great. I've had a good time here, but hopefully I can achieve even more with Celtic."

Artur has one more ambition - he wants to score a last minute winner for the Hoops "Its disappointing. Ive always said Id love to score a goal for Celtic but its not happened yet. I remember scoring a penalty for Legia but it would be better if I could score in the last minute or something at a time when it really meant something." said THG "That would be amazing. I heard the Reading goalkeeper came up for a corner and scored a goal. Hes a lucky guy. It would be good if it could happen, but we'll see. First and foremost I'm a goalkeeper, I know that, I suppose I should leave the scoring to the strikers."

The Holy Goalie scoring a last-minute winner at Ibrox? I think the Scottish Law Lords would hold an emergency session to declare that sort of thing illegal!