The Celtic Park DJ

Last updated : 15 January 2004 By Kevin Smith
His name is Gerry, no one knows his face, and he ruins the pre-match atmosphere at Parkhead almost every week. Yes folks, I am indeed talking about the Celtic Park DJ.

This matter was brought to my attention a couple of seasons ago, on the day we clinched the league against Livingston. After the match, while waiting for the players to return from the dressing rooms, the DJ decided to play some of his favourite records including 'Wonderwall' by Oasis. A good record, yes, but what has that got to do with Celtic winning the league?

Against Rangers a couple of weeks ago, the choice of music was utter garbage. 'Glory Glory Glasgow Celtic' was played minutes before kick-off, the song has never been played at Parkhead before, and if it wasn't for the song being a Man Utd one, nobody would have known it either.

The timing of when he plays songs is also not good enough. 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is played far too early, when most fans aren't even in the ground - this was most noticable during the Champions League matches ths season.

We have had a few stinkers in the past, including 'The Fields of Athenry Karaoke' and 'The Fields of Athenry Dance Mix.' These, along with 'Hey Henrik' and 'Come On The Hoops' - the biggest load of dribble ever to be passed as a Celtic record - have made us a bit of a laughing stock.

But the most embarrassing of all must be the 'Singing Nun,' who sings 'Henrik Larsson is the King of Kings' and 'Hail Hail' in a key which is only possible to join in with if you are a choir singer. She sounds more like a school teacher than a Celtic singer and I'd be glad if I never heard her again at Parkhead.

In fairness to Gerry, 'Big Bad John' and 'The Magnificent Seven' go down well with the fans, but there is many more songs which are not and should be played at Celtic Park.

'Willie Maley' should be played before every game, as should many other songs by Celtic groups such as Charlie and the Bhoys.

We need all the help we can get to raise the atmosphere level at home games, and if the Celtic Park DJ got a grip, we may just be able to do that.